Анонс подкаста. Выпуск 84 \\\\\15.02 10:00 Мск

Let's get up earlier this Saturday morning and join us online to discuss DNS over HTTPS.
Podcast will be in English again. This time we are not going to provide annotations in Russian.

  • Paul Vixie, the DNS Guy
  • Alexander Lyamin, Founder and CEO of Qrator Labs
When: 15.02 10:00 Мск
What about: DNS over HTTPS

Right place to ask your questions.

Онлайн Трансляция

The Viral Internet

The Internet was originally a network of networks, where most work used services in the local network, but the world's other networks were available when needed. Some networks did not at first have internet connections, and work was still possible. Today that's mostly no longer true, the Internet has been like a virus, centralizing and concentrating the services we depend on for our work into a World Wide Web which has deep unmapped data flow dependencies among its services and customers. In this podcast, Paul VIXIE will talk about how we got here, and what's coming next in terms of TLS 1.3, Encrypted SNI, and DNS over HTTP. There are some serious surveillance risks, which ought to concern all of us.

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